Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Responds to Chiropractic Care

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can be helped with chiropractic care. In my three decades of chiropractic practice I have seen many patients respond well to chiropractic therapy.

The carpal tunnel is an area of the wrist. It is where the long bones of the forearm and a long bones of the palm of the hand meet. At this location there eight small bones the size of pebbles which are called the carpal bones. These bones form an arch. The underside of the arch is considered to be a tunnel. One of the nerves which goes into the hand, called the median nerve, passes through the tunnel.

When the small carpal bones get misaligned and impinge on the median nerve causing symptoms it is called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Various symptoms can occur with carpal tunnel syndrome. One might feel discomfort at the wrist. Tingling or numbness into the thumb, forefinger and middle finger may also be felt. Some people experience weakness of grip while holding things with the hand.

Often there is an association between this condition and the neck. Nerves travel through the neck area to exit the spine and then travel into the wrist and hand. A pinched nerve in the neck can have symptoms that mimic those of carpal tunnel syndrome. When patients complaining of this condition visit a chiropractor, an examination of both the neck and wrist is performed. If the doctor of chiropractic finds abnormalities he can administer safe, drug-free, and nonsurgical treatments to the appropriate areas.

A recent research study in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, November 2018 revealed that patients who underwent conservative care, such as chiropractic care, or had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome had similar outcomes after one year. However, the group receiving conservative care required less time off from work and the treatment costs were about $3000 lower than those who underwent a surgical procedure. This suggests that a person suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome exhaust conservative treatments before electing for surgery.

Recently I finished working with the patient to help with her carpal tunnel syndrome condition. She was having significant numbness and tingling in her thumb, forefinger and middle finger which kept her awake at night. She worked long hours during the day at her factory job. Between long job hours and getting very little sleep she was exhausted. At her initial examination we found pinched nerves in her neck causing the discomfort in her hand. Once chiropractic care corrected a pinched nerve she was pain free and able to sleep well. After a few good night’s sleep she was back to her normal, energetic self.

For over hundred 25 years chiropractors have been helping patients with carpal tunnel syndrome in many other musculoskeletal problems.

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Compression Gloves Relieve Hand Pain and Swelling

Compression gloves are therapeutic garments worn over the hand as a treatment method for helping to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. Wearing this type of device also encourages increased blood circulation and warmth to the muscles and tissues of the hand, which can help in the healing of a variety of ailments. The gloves are designed to be tight-fitting while worn in order to provide a steady pressure to the hand without being so snug as to become uncomfortable or result in limiting the individual’s dexterity.

Lymphedema is one of the main disorders for which this type of glove is recommended as one element of treatment. Lymphedema occurs due to a disorder of the body’s lymphatic system that causes retention of fluid and tissue swelling in the extremities such as the hands. A medical professional usually advises the patient to wear a compression glove on the affected hand or hands on a daily basis during physical activity. The use of a compression garment on the hand is often accompanied by a change of diet to help reduce swelling, the use of diuretics to help reduce the edema, and a program of massage and exercise to stimulate increased blood circulation to the hands. This greatly reduces the possibility of the tissues becoming infected.

Arthritis is another malady which causes pain, stiffness and swelling in the hands which can be helped by the wearing of compression gloves. Wearing a glove that delivers a slight amount of constant pressure throughout the day while pursuing normal daily activities can help in minimizing hand pain, as well as helping to improve the patient’s range of motion that can often be severely restricted due to arthritic joints.

Care should be taken when selecting this style of therapeutic glove so that this device will have the best effect. Custom fit gloves which help to compress the tissues of the hands are preferable to over-the-counter versions in order to achieve the best fit. For the most comfortable fit, choose gloves that have seams on the outside of the glove or are seamless. The most helpful gloves feature open fingers to allow the user the most dexterity as he goes about his daily chores and activities.

Compression gloves are made from a variety of materials, such as lycra, and come in a variety of thicknesses and styles depending upon the amount of pressure the user wants to exert on the hand. Some gloves feature splints for added support, while others are made of lighter material for use while sleeping. When the elasticity or support from the gloves diminishes, a new pair should be purchased. Patients should ask their healthcare provider about the features they most need from these gloves to obtain the greatest amount of relief from pain and swelling.

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